Chem 204: Introduction to Proteomics

Winter Quarter 2015

Starting with a review of protein chemistry, emphasizing chemical modification and separation technologies, the course will review current approaches to the study of proteomics, how proteomics interacts with other fields and discuss what is likely to be realized in the next several years.

This course is NOT restricted to graduate students. If you are not a student and are interested in attending, please contact Robert Chalkley.

Lecture Schedule

All lectures will take place from 9:00am - 10:30am in room GH-S202.

Date Topic Lecturer Student Materials
1. Tue. 1/6 Overview / Protein Chemistry RAB
2. Thu. 1/8 Protein Purification and Separation/Gels RJC
3. Tue. 1/13 Peptide Purification and Separation RAB
4. Thu. 1/15 Introduction to Mass Spectrometry RJC
5. Tue. 1/20 Protein ID 1 – Non-MS RAB
6. Thu. 1/22 Protein ID 2 – MS RJC
7. Tue. 1/27 Protein Annotation / Computational Biology PCB
8. Thu. 1/29 Biophysical Methods (Fluorescence / Hydrodynamics) RAB
9. Tue. 2/3 Quantification using MS KFM
10. Thu. 2/5 Protein – Protein Interactions: TAP; Crosslinking RJC
11. Tue. 2/10 Protein – Protein Interactions: Intact Complex Analysis KFM
12. Thu. 2/12 Protein Machines / Sociology AS
13. Tue. 2/17 PTMs – Enrichment KFM
14. Thu. 2/19 PTMs – MS Identification and Assessing Reliability RJC
15. Tue. 2/24 PTMs – Complex / Crosstalk KFM
16. Thu. 2/26 Signaling RAB
17. Tue. 3/3 Arrays RAB
18. Thu. 3/5 Network Analysis and Clustering RJC
19. Tue. 3/10 Translational / Biomarkers RAB
20. Thu. 3/12 Interaction with other OMICS RJC, KFM, RAB


RAB - Ralph Bradshaw
RJC - Robert Chalkley
KFM - Katalin Medzihradszky
PCB - Patricia Babbitt
AS - Andrej Sali

Course Assessment

In addition to attending the lectures, students taking this course for credit will be required to select and present a review of a published paper (from a pool of papers selected by the instructors). These will be presented during the last half hour of several of the later lectures in the series. Students will also be expected to write a paper on a topic of current interest to the field (from a list provided, or select their own topic after instructor approval).

For more details contact course organizer: Robert Chalkley.

Course Organizer

Robert Chalkley.

National Institute of General Medical Sciences Adelson Medical Research Foundation