7th International Symposium on Mass Spectrometry in the Health and Life Sciences

August 21-25, 2005

Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco

This Symposium has Concluded

This Symposium on Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics is intended to showcase current biological discoveries and new techniques in the field of mass spectrometry and proteomics.

The program consists of 30 invited plenary and keynote lectures in a single session format as well as posters submitted by participants. The topics for the oral sessions will be chosen to explore developments in sample preparation and mass spectrometric, computer and automation technologies that are revolutionizing strategies for characterization of macromolecules, their molecular transformations, and their biologically significant interactions. Discussions of these methodological advances will be juxtaposed with presentations from biological perspectives that describe their utility in solving challenging problems in protein biology and proteomics. These themes will focus attention on the articulation of urgent needs and unsolved problems, as well as on potential strategies for dealing with the emerging global opportunities in proteomics through exploitation of genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics. The program is intended to integrate the perspectives of mass spectrometry with the needs of the biomedical sciences, including such topics as:

  • Sub-cellular separation strategies and sample handling
  • Analysis and automation technologies
  • Protein identification and quantitation
  • Studies of covalent modifications
  • Modulation of biological function
  • Protein machines and assemblages and organelles
  • Deciphering protein networks and systems
  • Mining genome and proteome databases
  • Bioinformatics

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