Kris Casler

Kris Casler


Administrative Officer 3


Kris is the Editorial Assistant to Dr. Burlingame in his capacity as Editor-in-Chief of Molecular & Cellular Proteomics journal. In her role as the purchasing analyst for the Mass Spectrometry Facility, Kris processes and receives all laboratory supply and equipment orders for the facility. In addition, she manages the facility's recharge account by processing monthly invoicing and managing new user set up with the university Business Contracts office. She also monitors and initiates Human Resource cases which include new appointments and visas for facility personnel, as well as appointment renewals. Kris also supports the facility by providing database maintenance for purchasing, new research projects and sample submission, monitoring and maintaining the Facility Recharge Services. Finally, Kris assists with management of the front office and with the planning and operation of the International Symposia on Mass Spectrometry in the Health and Life Sciences.

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