Birthday Celebration for Al Burlingame

Birthday Celebration for Al Burlingame

Symposium to Celebrate The Contribution of Al Burlingame to Biological Mass Spectrometry
April 27th 2012

In April of 2012, Al Burlingame will turn 75, a significant milestone by any standard. In recognition of this landmark event there will be a scientific and social celebration to honor Al and his long and distinguished contributions to science and UCSF. We have selected Friday, April 27th (only two days before his actual birthday) for a full day symposium at the Gladstone Institute on the Mission Bay campus of UCSF, featuring colleagues, collaborators and former students in a program that will be centered on the use of mass spectrometry in biology and the biomedical sciences, to which he has contributed so much. Everyone is welcome to attend the Symposium.

Invited Speakers:

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